A Selection of our Most Recent Sigfox Communicating Systems

Geolocation devices for bicycles and mopeds:


AGUILA has designed a cutting-edge, built-in, electronic geolocation system for client NigiLoc. The system is fitted with Bluetooth and transmits data via the Sigfox network.

NigiScoot and NigiBike anti-theft systems are waterproof, silent, invisible, and ultra-light.




A huge thank you to Aguila Technologie for developing our product #IoT.
Bravo for the #LInnovationTechnologique @ConnectedConf

— NigiLoc (@NigiLoc) 19 June 2014



Smart bins:


AGUILA Technology has developed a communicating probe system to measure levels of fullness inside waste containers. The system is weather-resistant and functions in variable weather conditions. Data collected by the probe is sent to mission control via Sigfox technology at regular intervals, or in real time. Bin fullness levels are then displayed on visualising software to alert operators of the different levels.

These accurate readings enable operators to organize waste collection efficiently to both prevent the incidence of overflowing bins, and optimize and reduce the number of trips made by waste collection trucks.

Why choose Sigfox technology for this project?

As in many other cases, using Sigfox drastically reduces telecommunication costs. In addition, the systems installed have a very long battery life.



 Our video presentation begins at 2:50


Monitoring of Migrating Birds:


The Monna project combines applications of emerging technologies to geolocation with nature monitoring. These technologies are used to analyse bird migration. For Monna, AGUILA Technologie has developed a miniature geolocation tag that is ultra light, and extremely reliable and robust (resistant to climate, shocks, pecking, and scratching). A combination of complex algorithms permits long distance communication whilst consuming minimal energy.

Tag weight: 18 grams
Battery life: up to 3 years
Network: Sigfox

Why choose Sigfox technology for this project?

For its very long battery life, small size, and very low telecommunication costs. A Sigfox antenna was installed in the Urdabaï ornithological park for optimal coverage. The birds' migration paths are, therefore, monitored across Europe over the Sigfox network.




Surveillance of Livestock on Mountain Pastures: 


E-Pasto is a European project for the development of an innovative virtual fencing system that can be used to replace existing physical fences, notably on mountain pastures. This will allow the shepherd to dedicate more time to rearing his/her livestock rather than on maintaining equipment.

The system developed by AGUILA is small and light so that it can be inserted into traditional collars without being damaged. In the future, we will also be able to measure and analyse the animals’ health, or to interact with them so as to herd them into desired areas.

Tag weight: > 30 grams
Battery life: 1 year
Network: AGUILA has chosen to use the Sigfox network (the first mobile network to offer low-cost data transmission) in order to meet the specifications of this project.

Why choose Sigfox technology for this project?

Sigfox is one of the few networks that will permit telecommunication coverage of mountain pastures despite their geographical isolation. The long battery life was also a key factor.


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