We are specialists in various fields:

AGUILA Technology is recognized player for the quality of its expertise. The company has several highly sought-after areas of expertise that are particularly promising segments:


Frequently asked to develop monitoring systems for animals, insects and various other natural resources, our company participates in a better understanding and protection of the environment and animal welfare. Thanks to our expertise in miniaturization, the communicating systems we develop are non-intrusive and have a minimal footprint.

AGUILA is also a recognized player in communicating technologies as they relate to waste management systems. Examples include measuring container filling and incentive billing systems for the collection of recyclable waste. Hundreds of sites are already enabled throughout France.

AGUILA is a French specialist of communicating systems in the Intelligent Transportation System industry (ITS). Whether it’s about communication from a vehicle to another, from a vehicle to infrastructure or from infrastructure to infrastructure, we cover them all.

Our wireless systems communication (video, sound, wireless, networks and other sensors) use sophisticated technology calculations along with a combination of geolocation and geo-security technologies.

As an active player in the mobility of the future, we solutions we develop encompass data collection, measurement, communication, as well as adaptive behavior (triggering events). Our systems allow optimizing the use of transport infrastructure and improving traffic management, security and personal transportation such as public transit and transport.

Advances in the practices of farming or precision farming are often achieved through the fine collection of real-time situational data. It is generally a combination of geolocation, data recording, monitoring transactions and products used for the needs of crops and animals.

AGUILA today equips various cooperatives, farms and agricultural research centers with various precision geolocation systems, remote reading and communicating sensors networks.

AGUILA designs and develops wireless medical devices intended for health professionals (rehabilitation equipment, medical and homecare). These devices can use any combination of wireless communication, pressure sensors, stretch sensors, signal processing, electro-stimulation, spirometry, stabilometry abdominal pressure measuring and other smart metering that can be transmitted and monitored.

The Internet of Things can also be leveraged for remote maintenance and management of electronic systems. In doing so we can help provide a true diagnosis of your machines, remotely and in real time. Gear rental, packaging or construction machinery, boilers, coolers, intelligent buildings, robotics ... our wireless electronic systems communicate all the most critical information with greater flexibility.




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