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AGUILA Technologies offers a wide range of Machine to Machine (M2M) products and solutions based on varying communication technologies. Such technologies include: SIGFOX, Bluetooth 4, GPRS, ZIGBEE, ISM and others. Each solution is conceived so as to achieve ultra-low power consumption and achieve energy autonomy.

Whether you are a project leader, an innovative company, large or small, a research laboratory, or simply looking at developing a new line of products, our team is standing by to assist you.

AGUILA Technologies is your dependable partner to help you throughout the lifecycle of your product development projects.


Sample list of developed solutions:



Latest generation of intelligent seat belts designed for children transport
Problem statement: safe transport of children
Problem resolution: patented mechatronics system combined with intelligent electronics control.
Additional information: e-belt





Tag for virtual fencing "e-Pasto"
Problem statement: physical demarcation of summering areas in adverse locations (ie : steep slopes)
Problem resolution: equip livestock with high-tech collars for permanent and remote geo-location
Additional information: e-pasto



Sample list of research projects:



Miniature geo-localized beacon dedicated to birds / animal tracking
Problem statement: accurate monitoring of bird migration over European territory.
Problem resolution: usage of miniature and ultra-resistant communicating tag.
Additional information: monna


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