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Strategic partnerships have been established with various market players. The partnerships established by Aguila Technologies are bilateral and built for the long term so that our customers can access the best of what our industry has to offer. By pooling results of studies, expertise and resources, partnerships can achieve rapid progress and advances. We beleive quality interactions and opportunities are multiplied in a process of co-creation. Here below you will find a list of our existing partners:





SIGFOX enables the full potential of the Internet of Things to be realized by providing a highly scalable global network for connected devices.

SIGFOX uses a UNB (Ultra Narrow Band) based radio technology to connect devices to its global network. The use of UNB is key to providing a scalable, high-capacity network, with very low energy consumption, while maintaining a simple and easy to rollout star-based cell infrastructure.

Additional information: www.sigfox.com




Data is now the real power source fuelling business. But to convert this abundant raw energy into concrete benefits – and respond to the priority issues of the Cloud, Big data and the Internet of Things – a whole chain of expertise needs to be brought into play. Understanding the quantity, diversity and sensitivity of the information that you’re dealing with; knowing how to choose and implement the best technology options; learning to identify and translate business challenges, while delivering all the necessary performance and security.

Additional information: atos.net




Aerospace Valley

The Aerospace Valley World Competitiveness Cluster allies the Midi-Pyrenees & Aquitaine regions to constitute Europe’s leading pool of jobs in the field of aeronautics, space and embedded systems.

The guiding purpose of Aerospace Valley is to leverage the competitiveness and visibility of its some 722 members, both on the national and international scene, as well as to optimize the attractiveness of the Aquitaine and Midi-Pyrénées regions, by fostering the development of networks and collaborative initiatives. Aerospace Valley fulfills this mission by leveraging the two regions’ assets in terms of research, innovation, and know-how, by supporting the growth of SMEs and by fostering cooperation between SMEs, industry leaders, investors, and research organizations.

Additional information:www.aerospace-valley.com




Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bayonne and the Basque Country

The CCI Bayonne Pays Basque plays an important role in providing information and advice to businesses. This takes the form through a technical and personal support, by organizing joint operations or implementation of information sessions. On the other hand, the CCI established a comprehensive support system for entrepreneurship. It combines information, coaching and monitoring post-creation. It also encourages the transfer of business, issue whose importance is vital to the local economy.

Additional information: /www.bayonne.cci.fr




Estia - Institute of Technology

ESTIA develops a strong expertise in mechanics, electronics, energy and IT. Companies have access to the know-how developed by the School through operations training, research, and technology transfer skills.

Additional information: www.estia.fr





GAIA is the Association of Electronic and Information Technologies in the Basque Country, a private and professional non-profit organization, established in 1983, currently made up of 260 companies that offer products and services in the field of electronics, information technology and telecommunications.

GAIA's mission is to boost develop and growth in the Electronics-IT and Telecommunications sector, and to favor the assimilation and efficient usage of the sector's technologies, with the aim of collaborating in the development of the Information and Knowledge Society.

Additional information: www.gaia.es




General Council of Pyrénées Atlantiques

The General Council encourages, guides and coordinates the actions of all the economic and institutional actors that contribute to the regional development in the fields of agriculture, industry and tourism.

It aids companies via support investments and development opportunities. It supports them in their innovation projects and R & D. The General Council also supports companies for prospecting new markets: finance studies and expenses incurred by the company in its approach.

Additional information: www.cg64.fr




Aquitaine Region

For over 15 years, the region has been responsible for the economic development of Aquitaine, betting on intelligence and innovation. Its strategy for the regional economy is as much on traditional sectors as it has been about creating pathways for the future taking into account the major societal challenges, such as energy transition or aging population.

To this purpose, the Region has structured an innovation ecosystem based on the development of value chains, the creation of scientific centers of excellence, building an efficient technology network and a dynamic policy on technology-industry cooperation.

Additional information: www.aquitaine.fr





TOPOS Aquitaine includes active members with expertise in navigation and satellite positioning systems, and by extension, in intelligent transport systems.

Additional information: www.topos-aquitaine.org





Vicomtech-IK4 is an applied research center specializing in computer graphics technology, Visual Computing and Multimedia. Founded in 2001 and located in the Technological Park of San Sebastian to meet the needs of businesses and innovative institutions.

Additional information: www.vicomtech.org


Whether you are a large group or a small business and looking for a partner, we are available. We can collaborate on specific development aspects and industrialization of your concept. Furthermore, if you are in search of a partnership within the scope of a European, do talk to us. Contact us today and become an actor of the “connected world".

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